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Ketchikan (Lingit: Kichxáan) is on Revillagiggedo Island, a remote Southeast Alaskan island in the Alexander Archipelago. We live in the world’s largest temperate rainforest, the Tongass National Forest, and Ketchikan is considered one of the rainiest cities on the planet, with an average rainfall of approximately 13 ft (160 inches). With a resident population of just over 8,000, we are a close-knit community with a strong commercial fishing presence and a vibrant arts culture. We are also in the traditional territories of the Taant’a kwáan and Saanya kwáan Lingit, the southernmost groups of Lingit people, who have lived in Southeast Alaska since time immemorial.

As Alaskans, we strongly believe it is our responsibility to ensure our business not only serves to educate guests on topics that are important to our community, but also supports and empowers a vibrant local, sustainable economy.


Visitors to Ketchikan are often surprised to discover a community on a remote Southeast Alaskan island with so much to keep us all occupied year-round. Our community wouldn’t be nearly as vibrant without the many nonprofits who work to bring social services, arts, and youth activities to Ketchikan residents. Lighthouse Excursions has provided support to the following organizations:

If you enjoyed your time in our community and you would like to give back, donating to any of these organizations (among many others) goes a long way to keeping Ketchikan an amazing place to live. We appreciate your consideration!


Be it guest-direct (like promoting safe and respectful wildlife viewing or providing recycling receptacles on board our vessels) or behind-the-scenes (like employee education, investing in environmentally-friendly vessel upgrades, and growing vendor relationships with other local Alaskan companies), we love our Alaskan wilderness and proudly support an environmental ethic which will preserve our state for generations to come.

We are currently certified with Adventure Green Alaska and participate in Whale Sense.


We are affiliated with the United States Lighthouse Society, an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of lighthouses throughout the United States. For lighthouse enthusiasts who are participating in the USLHS passport program, don’t forget to ask members of our crew for a stamp after your visit to Guard Island Lighthouse.

For more information on the United States Lighthouse Society, visit their website here.

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