Four eagles perched on top of Guard Island Lighthouse

Guard Island Heritage, Inc. - A Supported Foundation in Ketchikan, Alaska

Guard Island Heritage, Inc. – A Supported Foundation in Ketchikan, Alaska

The purposes for which this corporation is organized are:

To educate the public on Guard Island(s) maritime, lighthouse, and ecological heritage and preservation.

To promote and provide access to Guard Island(s) lands, tidelands, and lighthouse while helping provide infrastructure appropriate for many user group’s utilization of this site.

To engage in and promote such charitable activities as may be authorized by the Board of Directors and which are consistent with the nonprofit status of this corporation and regulations interpreting section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Guard Island property of approximately 10.5 acres, including the Historic Lighthouse, would be made the focal destination of an historic ecological tour by boat, featuring maritime, ecological heritage, museum, fine art, and a boardwalk interpretive trail.

PURPOSE: Visitors would be offered a unique and educational experience of touring a working lighthouse on self-guided historical and ecological tour. The lighthouse would serve as a maritime artifact, gift, and art gallery. The facility would welcome and encourage the following:

  1. Boy/Girl Scouts, Camp Outs, And Compass Course Site: April – October,
  2. Youth Group/Adult Business/Arts – Retreat Center, School Field Trips: April – October,
  3. Cruise Ship Passengers in Port for 6 – 10 Hours Daily – 3 1/2 Hour Tour: May – Sept.
  4. Independent Travelers, Tour Groups, General Public, and Local Residents: All Year Long.


The experience would be informative and entertaining with ample opportunities for photography and interaction with the tour guides. The self-guided interpretive trail will be comprehensive. This experience would include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Navigation Education, Maritime Heritage, Guard Island Lighthouse History
  2. Aides to Navigation as Viewed from Guard Island
  3. Scenery: Prince of Wales, Gravina, Cleveland Peninsula, and Tongass National Forest
  4. Weather and Sea: Wind, Waves, Clouds, Daylight, and Precipitation
  5. Wildlife: Eagles, Sea Birds, Intertidal, Salmon, Orcas, Humpbacks, Seals, and Sea Lions
  6. Vegetation: Trees, Brush, Grass, Moss, Flowers, Lichens, Ferns, and Seaweed


The infrastructure on Guard Island will be implemented as follows:

  1. Install a pier and dock with rip-rap, floating breakwaters approved by Army Corps of Engineers.
  2. Repair and upgrade the structure for the purpose of cleanliness, general appearance, and safety while maintaining the historical integrity of the buildings and light function.
  3. Address concerns of lead based paint, asbestos, and fuel oil contamination.
  4. Construct boardwalks around the perimeter of Guard Island with observation decks.
  5. Provide educational and interpretive signs to identify plants, animals, navigational aids, history, maritime lore, etc.
  6. Reconstruct the boa house to historical dimensions for use as a mustering/classroom area.
  7. Use sky light Lexan roofing.
  8. Reconstruct carpenter’s shop for storage and food prep.
  9. Construct “his” and “hers” flush toilets with sinks and drinking water system.
  10. Construct 100-person amphitheater/campfire, lecture, class, entertainment, and scouting area.


This proposal would serve the needs of the public, who seeks interesting and educational interactive experiences with historically significant properties and locations. The commercial value of this proposal would ensure the highest standards of safety and maintenance, provide insurance, and indemnify future organizers and supporters of this plan.

National Park Service issues the NOA (Notice Of Availability) for Guard Island Lighthouse. Guard Island Heritage, Inc. presently has over 2,000 members and circa $50,000 in savings, is poised to move forward with the project.


GIH Foundation and How to Donate

Our members list is updated periodically and you can donate to this foundation at any time. Please click on the PayPal icon below to send us your donation.

  • Yearly $10
  • Lifetime $25
  • Family $50
  • Lighthouse Friend $100
  • Guardian $250
  • Beacon $500
  • Guard Island Lightkeeper $1,000

You will also receive this Limited Edition Print copy with any “Lifetime” or higher membership purchase.

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